Hotels are an entrance to the town

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Hotels are an entrance to the town

When you’re next planning for a holiday or business trip and are looking for a hotel, would’nt it be more interesting to stay at a local independent hotel? A chain hotel is of course an ordinary choice, and while perhaps providing up to date rooms and facilities at a fairly reasonable price, wherever you go you’ll typically find a similar service with the same kind of room, breakfast etc.

We think hotels should be an entrance for for visitors to experience the real authentic character and culture of a region, and we also believe independent hotels can offer this best. At these places you are likely to see the lobby and rooms furnished in their own decorative style, and receive warm hospitality from the manager and staff who can give good tips on where to visit locally.

It is understood that a little courage is needed to stay at an unknown hotel. How can it’s quality be guaranteed? Is it clean and secure enough? These can be difficult to find out. So to meet this need we’ve decided to work with established independent hotels and create a new hotel network. Floors is a group of hotels and ryokans that offers shared services for our guests, for ensuring a comfortable stay and bringing together all the good things about the hotels and region.

The project begins in Kagoshima and is planned to expand nationwide. Our network includes hotels with a range of rooms available for guests including dormitory style rooms for budget travellers. We’re planning social events too such as local food and drink tasting, and also tours around the region to join. We’re welcoming international visitors and have prepared a standard service especially for hosting guests from abroad. The Floors members are very much looking forward to seeing you!

Let’s go on an adventure, the hotel floor is a gateway to discover the real Kagoshima!

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